NeoPixel LED Controller

NeoPixel LED Controller - Example Candle & Strip Lights

Building a NeoPixel LED Controller with MQTT and HomeKit support. Expanding on my previous project to add LED lighting to my work area, I wanted to investigate a lower voltage and more customisable LED system. I had read about WS2812B or NeoPixel LEDs but had not built anything with them. I have since build a… Continue reading NeoPixel LED Controller

Build A HomeKit Enabled WiFi LED Strip

12v WiFi LED Strip Circuit Diagram

I have a work area that I wanted to provide some additional lighting for, and like everything else in my home I wanted it to work with Apple HomeKit. I did not want to spend a large amount of money buying something like a Phillips Hue Strip so I thought I would build my own.… Continue reading Build A HomeKit Enabled WiFi LED Strip