Space Quest VI - OS 9 - Sheep Shaver

Classic Mac Emulation On macOS

Classic Mac Emulation On macOS, having just resurrected my 2008 Mac Pro from the doldrums, it has now become a permanent feature in the office / retro basement.  Giving me the opportunity to play about with some emulation options without disturbing my main work Mac.  I have been working on Classic Mac and Amiga emulation, with […]


High Sierra On A Mac Pro 2008

High Sierra on a Mac Pro 2008, technically the last officially supported version of macOS for the Early 2008 Mac Pro is El Capitan.  However this does appear to be a software cutoff point rather than an issue with the hardware required to run it. There are a large group of older Macs that have […]

MacPro 2008 Rebuild A Look Inside

Rebuilding my 2008 Mac Pro Desktop

Rebuilding my 2008 Mac Pro, it’s almost 10 years old and has languished for the last year hidden behind boxes, under powered and forgotten, it was time it had an upgrade and I fixed some of the destructive maintenance that had been done to it over the years. But first a quick history of how […]


Relaxing, it’s probably good for your health

Having been recently diagnosed with a manageable but ongoing health condition, I have been thinking more about relaxation and taking a bit better care of myself, not something that is unusual in the circumstances. I know its all the rage to think about mindfulness and whatever the buzzword is this week for taking time to […]


Frustrating Tech – IPV6 Inbound KVM Issues

IPv6 inbound KVM issues caused some head scratching but ultimately lead to a solution, networking is tricky and often frustrating, but a little perseverance / angry googling can pay dividends. Having some time ago built a general purpose server (from my old gaming pc and now running Ubuntu 16.04) that provides services to our home […]


80’s Gaming Revival – Colecovision

Scarlet my wonderful wife had a much more interesting gaming history to me, being a proud owner of a Colecovision back in the day.  Well proceeding my MSX ownership, and lets not get into the Amiga ownership….  On a recent visit back to the parents in Wales, we retrieved this long forgotten gem and having […]