Classic Mac Emulation On macOS

Space Quest VI - OS 9 - Sheep Shaver

Classic Mac Emulation On macOS, having just resurrected my 2008 Mac Pro from the doldrums, it has now become a permanent feature in the office / retro basement.  Giving me the opportunity to play about with some emulation options without disturbing my main work Mac.  I have been working on Classic Mac and Amiga emulation, with… Continue reading Classic Mac Emulation On macOS

80’s Gaming Revival – Colecovision

Scarlet my wonderful wife had a much more interesting gaming history to me, being a proud owner of a Colecovision back in the day.  Well proceeding my MSX ownership, and lets not get into the Amiga ownership....  On a recent visit back to the parents in Wales, we retrieved this long forgotten gem and having… Continue reading 80’s Gaming Revival – Colecovision